Passion Play 2015

Italy’s diverse and spectacular region of Piedmont is not only a Mecca of Eno-gastronomy, textiles manufacturing and world-renowned shopping, but it is also home to a distinctive interpretation of Jesus Christ’s final days on earth – “Passione Di Cristo” (The Passion of Christ) that takes place every five years in the captivating town of Sordevolo. As part of an alliance with the town of Sordevolo, Central Holidays has been named the preeminent tour operator partner for upcoming events in 2015 of this acclaimed Passion Play of Sordevolo.

Similar in tradition to the Oberammergau Passion Play of Germany, Sordevolo’s La Passione Di Cristo (or the Passion Play of Sordevolo) is a re-enactment of the Passion of the Christ that has taken place in this small town every five years since the beginning of the 18th Century. Impressive, unique and moving, the production consists of more than 400 of the town’s locals that serve as the actors and the ancient city streets of Sordevolo are transformed into a reconstructed corner of Jerusalem dating back to 33 A.D. Work has already started on this three-hour theatrical passion play Italy performance that will next take place in 2015, starting in June and ending in late September.

This experience is further enhanced by its location in Italy, offering the opportunity for individual travelers or religious groups to combine their time in Sordevolo with visits to other cities and visits they’re longing to discover throughout the Piedmont region and beyond! In a blossoming region ready to be explored, Sordevolo and the Passion Play of Sordevolo are treasures waiting for you in 2015!

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